Data Engineering

Twisted Pair Labs has developed a process for guiding its clients through the most common big-data-readiness challenges using data engineering best practices and tooling. 

Our process consists of three phases:

  • Launch – A guided process that takes clients from zero big-data-readiness to a functional data environment where they can begin working with their data in a strategic way.
  • AccelerateThe implementation of process, infrastructure, and tooling that enables a data platform to keep pace with the business it supports.
  • Innovate – Building on a well designed and operationally efficient data platform, the Innovate process uncovers deep business insights hidden within a company’s data assets through the use of machine learning techniques.
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Percentage of a company’s data that is never analyzed


Percentage of companies
investing in Big Data


Percentage of big data projects that are never finished

Software Development

Twisted Pair Labs provides software development services that are a blend of on-shore product/project management and software architecture, and off-shore and near-shore development resources.  The result is an outstanding combination of value for the money and high quality outcomes that our clients appreciate.

  • Cloud – We live in a Cloud-first technology environment, and Twisted Pair Labs has years of experience delivering solutions through the leading Cloud providers including AWS, Heroku, Azure, and Rackspace.
  • Mobile – Developing a mobile platform is a lot more than building a mobile app and submitting it to the app stores.  Usability, customer adoption, and continual engagement are challenges that Twisted Pair Labs has the experience and knowledge to solve.

  • Web – Web applications aren’t the monoliths they used to be.  With Single Page Applications (SPAs), and MicroServices architectures, and Containerization, building a web application that is modern and ready to handle fast-paced change is a must.  Twisted Pair Labs has the experience to make your project a success to both the business and tech support teams.

  • Integration – Modern software systems, especially those built for the cloud, are leveraging integrations rather than building components from scratch.  As a result, system integration projects are common and can be complex.  Twisted Pair Labs loves taking complexity off the hands of clients so they can focus on their business.

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