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“Am I gonna see you guys again?”

Dispelling Myths In Dev

This week, I was wrapping up a meeting with a potential client, taking time to help this person understand the in’s and out’s of our development process at Twisted Pair Labs, when he says, albeit somewhat sarcastically, “So…am I gonna see you guys again?”

A valid question, given that many firms will sell you on their expertise and then hand the project off to their less experienced colleagues. We have our first myth to dispel in the realm of software development.

MYTH 1: Software development agency reps ghost you once they hook you on for a project.
It’s frustrating to a client to feel as if his/her investment of time and finance is being held hostage by a line of sales reps who pass a client down the interminably long chain of lead qualification. Here’s our truth: No sales funnel. No hand-offs. No lead qualification process. Twisted Pair Labs operates in the sweet spot where our principals can be actively engaged, and actively present with a client from the first meeting to project completion. When we say we are on call to assist, we mean it. We are a two-person shop of experts for a reason: We are here for the client and the client’s success. It is our job to help the client’s vision be actualized, and often, as challenges in development arise from time to time, we are a text away.

MYTH 2: Boutique consultancies will cost me an arm and a leg.
Let’s fix this one: Twisted Pair Labs is a boutique agency, yes, but that means we keep things small to increase value for our clients, are experts in strategy and development (over 20+ years of corporate, small business, and entrepreneurship) and offer our clients personalized attention. No one is sitting on the bench in our shop. We are actively, always engaged. There is tremendous value in the personalized attention a client receives. The value of our experience helping a client avoid hurdles is worth the cost. Speaking of cost, let’s chat. You will be pleasantly surprised.

MYTH 3: “Communication is always the problem”
OK, this isn’t a myth, it’s the truth. Challenges that arise from a software project are nearly always due to communication breakdowns. Whether something was missed during requirements, an expectation between client and consultant wasn’t clearly captured, or a technical detail was missed, communication is often the answer when the question is, “Why did the project fail?”. There is no magical solution to this problem, but there are time-tested approaches that can help. Two of those are leveraging proven processes and experienced consultants. At Twisted Pair Labs, our client-focused processes are designed to close the communication gap throughout the project. This includes weekly project meetings to review status, regular demos to ensure the project is on target, and involvement by our experienced principals at every step.
Got some myths of your own to dispel? Let’s hear about them. We are here to help. Let’s connect here: