I am being a bit philosophical today. The idea of leadership and management crossed my mind. I have discussions occasionally about how you can tell the difference between the two as you are managing a team or growing your business.

My simple take is that you can own the responsibility of the goal your company/division/department/group is shooting for or you can own the responsibility of helping people define and follow the path that gets to the goal…you can’t own both.

If you are working with people to build a passion for a goal in your company(leadership) you can’t be the person who is actively defining the path and approach to get there. If you are, you won’t have an engaged organization, you will have created a pet project of your own that you are constantly coercing people to participate in.

If you find yourself talking about how disengaged people are at your organization you need to ask yourself if you are owning the goal and the path…if so, you are creating the disengaged environment. leadership culture askyourself