About Steve Stava

I am an executive with a passion for melding business strategy and technology to build businesses that eliminate the mundane tasks of a job and amplify the creative aspects that build rewarding careers and innovative products and services. I have brought business strategies to life at a group level all the way to a 30,000 seat call center solution for one of the largest broadcast and communications companies in the US. Through these efforts my teams have built client relationships that have multi-million dollar revenue streams for organizations.

Fractional CTOs Accelerate Your Innovation

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Fractional CTOs bring innovation to your company and experience to your software development and architecture teams. Companies that rely on technology to be competitive make a common mistake. They wait for their development teams to come up to speed on new technologies, methodologies, and processes. There is an assumption that the way to bring in new technologies is to brute force through the learning curve and gain the necessary experience one day at a time. Regrettably, competitive business environments don't wait for "one day at a time". This approach brings about management agitation due to missed market opportunities, slipping deadlines, increased production issues, and frustration with the team. This happens consistently with the [...]

Stop Doing Time & Materials Consulting Agreements

By |2022-07-26T02:10:32+00:00July 27th, 2020|

Most consulting firms do their statement of work and their projects on a per hour basis. They tell you how many hours they think the project will take, a blended set of rates and that they will do demos every two weeks so you stay on the same page. That all seems fine until you start thinking about what you, as the customer, are paying for. You are paying for hours, not deliverables. It seems wrong on many levels. Primarily, it is wrong because both the consulting firm and your organization will spend the next few months discussing (arguing) the hours being billed. All the while, the team back at the consulting firm [...]

I Have a Great Idea for an App

By |2020-06-27T13:17:03+00:00May 28th, 2020|

As a person in technology, how many times have you had someone tell you that they have a great idea for a new app? Okay, it isn't always an app. Sometimes it is a web platform, a new idea for using ML/AI or a new hardware device. It can pretty much be anything that is based on an idea that relies on technology to solve a problem. I have had a number of those conversations over time. A conversation that centers around a great idea for a mobile app speaks more to our aspirations to build something that can turn into quick money. It is almost like buying lottery tickets. You have this [...]

Leadership and Owning the Endpoint

By |2022-07-26T02:15:38+00:00April 22nd, 2020|

I am being a bit philosophical today. The idea of leadership and management crossed my mind. I have discussions occasionally about how you can tell the difference between the two as you are managing a team or growing your business. My simple take is that you can own the responsibility of the goal your company/division/department/group is shooting for or you can own the responsibility of helping people define and follow the path that gets to the goal...you can't own both. If you are working with people to build a passion for a goal in your company(leadership) you can't be the person who is actively defining the path and approach to get there. If [...]

Surprise, You Don’t Know How to Use Reports

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As you will see from this article, I am getting a little stir-crazy working from home. Have you ever over-analyzed the approach to using reports/dashboards in an organization? I have and here it is. Today's thought is about using reports to manage a group. Using a report to "manage" a group is usually the first mistake. Reports should be a shared resource that helps the group, and their manager, direct their actions to the desired outcome that benefits the business; not a way to coerce or push a group in a certain direction. Oftentimes reports are created and never used. When they are used they are looked at but no distinct decisions are [...]