Need a Fractional CTO?

Twisted Pair Labs offers fractional CTO services with experience at the Startup and Fortune 500 levels to back it up.  Need guidance developing an enterprise-scale technology plan?  We’ve done that!  Need help managing integration partners and vendors?  We’ve done that!  Need an architecture plan for a scalable technology platform?  We’ve done that too!  Twisted Pair Labs has the CTO-level experience to help see you through.  Twisted Pair Labs principals have more than 5 decades of experience that includes the following:

  • Executive Experience – with a FinTech Fortune 500 company managing a group of more than 100 associates including managers, project leaders, developers, and quality assurance engineers.  Experience includes managing a global workforce, budget, and revenue responsibilities.

  • “Greenfield” Architecture Experience – built several complete, multi-tenant, mobile-first, cloud-native, software as a service platforms.

  • Scalability – Experience delivering and managing a 30,000 seat back office call center application for one of the largest communication and content companies in the world.

  • Product Strategy – Oversaw the roadmap and development of a cutting edge workflow product for one of the largest mutual fund processors in the US.

  • Startup Experience – The Twisted Pair Labs team has startup experience that includes founding companies as well as guiding startups through the process of raising capital, product development, and scaling to support rapid growth.  This experience allows Twisted Pair Labs to guide founders through many of the common pitfalls experienced by early-stage companies.

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